What would you do?

Jillian Brasch | March 28th, 2012

images-31My friend, Lisa, wrote this post a year ago. She couldn’t remember whether or not she posted it on Facebook, so she posted it on the forth anniversary of her friend, Ralph Trask’s, death, to honor his children and grandchildren–Abbey, Mitch, Caiden, Luke, and Brantley. I loved the post so much that I asked her if I could use it in my blog. It reminds us to slow down, breathe, and live fully.

On the third anniversary of a friend’s premature death, I’m thinking of others in my life who have left this physical world way too soon. It would be sad not to let those losses affect my life in a lesson-teaching way. I often think of these folks and wonder what they would do if they had more days to live.

Would they do the same things they had planned? What would you do? Something more dramatic or something very simple?

Would you…

Hug someone harder

Call someone you love

Turn off the TV

Make love

Take a risk

Quit your job

Break a rule

Try something new



Hang out with people who laugh

Drink water



Read that book

Eat pizza

Throw out stuff that doesn’t matter

Stop worrying

Nourish your body

Take walks

Do less

Do more

Give some money to someone, or a cause,images-3 who needs it more than you

Travel to places you don’t want to miss

Give your favorite things away to people you love

Make someone’s day

Do random acts of kindness

Count your blessings

Breathe, on purpose

Take your vitamins

Get a check-up

Blow off your to-do list and do something fun instead

Write notes to people and tell them why they are unique

Stop complaining

Say whatever you want

Follow your heart

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